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Doubles Event Rules

Please note, all rules are draft. Event rules will be finalized no later than Dec. 31, 2019.

In teams of two, players will participate in a total of three games. Each player will have their own Order Dice for their force. There will be four colors of Order Dice in the bag. One color for each player.

Army building requirements

  • Players are highly encouraged to participate in the Adepticon 2020 theme of The Rising Tide 1939-1940 by creating their army using only using the approved Theater Selectors.
  • Teams must be composed of Nations that allied during World War II. No Germans and British. But you can field Polish and British.
  • 1400pts total per Team, split between the two players any way you’d like
  • 16 Order Dice total per Team
  • A Team is 2-4 Platoons. 1 Platoon may be an Armored Platoon.
  • Please keep in mind, in order to be in consideration for Best Appearance, both player’s forces must be within 100pts of each other (650-750)

Doubles Considerations

  • The Officer in each players force only applies his bonus to the units in that force. Meaning, Player A’s 2nd Lt grants no Morale Bonus to Player B’s units.
  • Only one Player receives the free units for their chosen Nation. For example, if both Players on a Team play British, only one Player will have the free Artillery Observer.
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