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Combat Patrol Event Rules

Please note, all rules are draft. Event rules will be finalized no later than Dec. 31, 2019.

Players will participate in a total of three games. Each game will be 1.5 hours long with short breaks between games.

Army building requirements

  • Players are highly encouraged to participate in the Adepticon 2020 theme of The Rising Tide 1939-1940 by filling a Combat Patrol Platoon using only units listed in the approved Theater Selectors. All true Hobby Champions will only select units from the approved Theater Selectors.
  • Your force must be formed using a single Combat Patrol Platoon of no more than 450 points.
  • Your Combat Patrol Platoon my select units from a single nation from the “Armies of…” books or the Bolt Action Second Edition rulebook.

Combat Patrol Platoon Selector

A Combat Patrol Selector must comprise of one platoon picked from the following Selector. The platoon is made up as follows:

1 Lieutenant (First or Second)
2 Infantry Squads


0-1 Medic
0-1 Chaplin

0-3 Infantry Squads
0-1 Machine Gun Team
0-1 Mortar Team
0-1 Anti-tank Team
0-1 Sniper Team
0-1 Flamethrower Team

0-1 Artillery

Armored Car
0-1 Armored Car or Recce vehicle: Armor 8 max

0-1 Tank, Tank Destroyer, Assault Gun, Self-Propelled Artillery and Anti-Aircraft Vehicle: Armor 8 max

Transport and Tows
0-3 Vehicles: Armor 7 max

Combat Patrol Platoon Selector Special Rules:

  • 450pts. with a maximum of 8 Order Dice
  • No free units or equipment of any kind (free British Artillery Observer, free Soviet Inexperienced squad, free Schützen squad LMG, etc.)
  • The Morale of the Lieutenant must be equal to or higher that the Morale status of the majority of the units in the platoon (rounding up)
  • No weapons with HE 3” or HE 4”
  • Maximum of 1 flamethrower
  • No vehicle-mounted flamethrowers
  • Maximum of 3 vehicles
  • The M3 Stuart tank is allowed, but cannot be given the additional hull-mounted LMGs
  • No”Special Characters” or War Reporters allowed
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