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Adepticon 2020 – Bolt Action

Bolt Action: The Rising Tide 1939-1940

Less than a generation after the War to End all Wars, the world has found itself engulfed in conflict. Join us at Adepticon 2020 for Bolt Action: Rising Tide 1939-1940 – two events, six games. Theater Selectors restricted to the 1939 and 1940 theaters of Central and Northern Europe, East Africa and China – the world, is at war.

Although they are using the same theme, Bolt Action Combat Patrol and Doubles are separate events.  Players are not required to participate in both events or to use the same army. 

2020 Event Theme

The theme for both Combat Patrol and Doubles is The Rising Tide 1939-1940. It is not required for players to bring armies around this theme, but it is highly encouraged. We will have 1939-40 themed tables, Red v. Blue match-ups and special prizes for those who participate in the theme.

Please note, all rules are draft. Event rules will be finalized no later than Dec. 31, 2019.


TBDRegistration opens in December

Army List Submission

Players are required to submit army lists in advance for review. Lists are due:

Combat Patrol – Sunday, March 1, 2020 submit to Andrew at


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