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Adepticon 2019 – Club Challenge

Adepticon 2019 Bolt Action Doubles – Under the Blazing Sun: The Battle for North Africa Club Challenge


The North Africa Club Challenge is a tournament within a tournament. During the first round of the Bolt Action Doubles tournament, all teams participating in the Club Challenge will Grudge Match to determine the fate of North Africa. The goal is to get teams with a unified theme playing shoulder to shoulder with their side (Axis or Allies) on themed tables.


To participate you must prepare an army that meets the theme of the Challenge – North Africa! Other than that, do whatever strikes your fancy. We only ask that the Rule of Cool be respected at all times.

Team theme:

Team shirts, hats, banners, drinks and battle cries are not only allowed, but encouraged! Let’s have some fun with this!


What are we playing for? Pride. Honor. Respect from your fellow gamer. And maybe the defeated team buys the winners a round of drinks.

Teams (subject to change):

  • Allies:
    • Andrew & Ben – US Army
    • Dexter & Tom – TBD
    • Cody & ? – FFL
    • Sean & Ryan – Brits
    • Bruce & Eric – Brits & French
  • Axis:
    • Tyler & ? – DAK
    • Aaron & ? – TBD
    • Paul & ? – TBD
    • Brian & ? – TBD
    • Dave & ? – DAK


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