How to magnetize model bases, unit trays and storage for A Song of Ice and Fire: The Tabletop Miniatures Game.

What you will need

Adding washers to the models

1. Using your hobby clippers snip the two nubs off the bottom of the models base.


2. With the nubs removed the base is ready for the washer.


3. Apply a small amount of superglue around the entire edge of the washer. Firmly hold the washer in place for a few seconds and then let the model stand for the superglue to dry.

Adding magnets to the unit trays

1. Use your scissors to cut the magnetic sheet into a long strip. Then cut small rectangles from the strip.


2. Add a rectangle to each spot on the unit tray.


3. Done! The models sit just a bit higher in the unit tray but these guys are locked in.


4. Optional step – the flip test.


1. Grab your stacking storage bins, these will be your transport and storage solution.


2. Measure the magnetic sheet and cut as needed. I had to trim about an inch from the top of the sheet.


3. Peel the adhesive cover off the back of the magnetic sheet and stick it to the bottom of the bin.


4. Cut a second magnetic sheet as needed to cover the remaining space on the bottom of the bin.


5. Fill the bins with your models. The washers glued to the bases will create a secure hold.


6. Racked, stacked and ready to march for battle!

Enjoy! I’ve been using a similar solution for my Bolt Action armies for years without issue. I cannot go back to foam – this is easier and cheaper.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.