One of the groups we follow on Instagram, Small Terrain Scenery, posted a Kickstarter for a collection of resin terrain they are producing. The campaign includes sandbag walls and a bunker.  This sort of ‘classic’ fortification terrain is a great staple and would be right at home on many 28mm battlefields. I’ll be using it for Bolt Action almost assuredly, although I could see it making an appearance on a 40k board as well.

The Kickstarter prices aren’t all that cheap for what you get, but it fits roughly into the range of what’s expected for resin terrain. The Early Bird Special level has a few spots left at the time of writing and provides a lower price point for a full set of terrain, with one of the bunkers, one of the rubble barricade sets, and two of the six-piece sandbag sets.

This Kickstarter ends on April 23. If you need some fortified terrain, take a quick look.